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Weather satellite has allowed us an opportunity to look at weather systems like never before. Every year new weather satellite products come out. Below is just a small portion of the different weather products offered. We hope to soon add satellite derived soundings.

UCAR - Visible Satellite

West Central Visible Satellite Northwest Central Visible Satellite
South of Central Visible Satellite Midwest Visible Satellite
East Central Visible Satellite South Central Visible Satellite
Southeast Visible Satellite Northeast Central Visible Satellite
Texas Visible Satellite Florida Visible Satellite
US Visible Satellite


UCAR - Infrared Satellite Data

Color Enhanced US Infrared Satellite


UCAR - Water Vapor Data

US Water Vapor


Weather Channel - National and Regional Satellite Data

United States Infrared time lapse loop United States Visible time lapse loop
South Central U.S. time lapse loop North Central U.S. time lapse loop
Central U.S. time lapse loop West Coast U.S. time lapse loop
East Central U.S. time lapse loop West Central U.S. time lapse loop
Southwest U.S. time lapse loop Northwest U.S. time lapse loop
Southeast U.S. time lapse loop Northeast U.S. time lapse loop
Alaska time lapse loop Hawaii time lapse loop

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