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While surface conditions are important, they don't mean much unless you know what is happening in the upper portion of our atmosphere.

Profiler Images
4 Panel 0-3km Plot From UCAR
4 Panel 3-9km Plot From UCAR
NOAA Profiler Network Real-time Data Display
Texas A&M Site


Skew-T Diagrams
Skew-T's From Ohio State
Skew-T's From UCAR


Iowa State - Upper Air Charts
850mb Analysis 700mb Analysis
500mb Analysis 500mb Analysis with Heights and Vorticity


UCAR - Upper Air Charts
850mb Analysis 700mb Analysis 500mb Analysis
300mb Analysis 250mb Analysis 200mb Analysis


Upper Air Sites
Upper Air Maps and Soundings From UCAR
Upper Air Images and Maps From Ohio State
Upper Air Maps From Unisys
Upper Air Maps From FSU


Weather Channel - Jet Stream Maps
Sunday Jet Stream Monday Jet Stream Tuesday Jet Stream
Wednesday Jet Stream Thursday Jet Stream Friday Jet Stream
Saturday Jet Stream

If you know of any good sources for upper air data, please submit them through our Contact Us form and select "Weather Link" from the drop down menu.

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