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While computers will analyze weather data for us, sometimes the best approach is to still look at the raw data. This is the best way to get a feel for the weather.

For manually drawn surface maps, check out our Manual Plots page.

Surface Maps
U.S. Surface Map From Unisys
US Surface Map From Ohio State


Surface Plots
US Surface Plot


Iowa State - U.S. Plots
Temperature & Winds Dew Point & Winds
Moisture Divergence Theta-E
Station Plot Station Plot with fronts and precip.


UCAR - U.S. Plots
Temperatures Dewpoint
Mean Sea Level Pressure 3 Hour Pressure Change
4 Panel Temp, Dewpt, Pressure, and 3 Hr. Change Theta-E
Winds Speed with barbs 24 Hour Precipitation Amounts


UCAR - Regional Plots

West Central Northwest Central
South of Central Midwest
East Central South Central
Southeast Northeast Central
Texas Florida

If you know of any good sources for surface maps, please submit them through our Contact Us form and select "Weather Link" from the drop down menu.

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